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1:1 Sound Journey

One on One Sound Journey,
Flow State Studio, Jan Juc

Let me take you on a healing journey home through the wonder of sound.

Find your comfortable space on the floor, eyes closing down, relaxing into the earth, quietening down the mind, then breathing into the body ready to receive.

Begin to witness the subtle energies of the body as you allow each sacred sound, song & rhythm wash over your entire being.

Listen closely with your heart as your internal frequency softens into a state of peace, harmony and alignment.

Your intuitive gentle soul will again find its unique flow and rhythm, leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed and replenished.

Modern research has shown that music and particular sound frequencies can:

Change emotions and mood
- Reduce anxiety and depression
- Boost the immune system
- Improve sleep
- Raise energy levels
- Relieve stress
- Release trauma and tension

Looking forward to sharing and sensing into our collective vibration together!

DM for bookings or further info,

1hr Session $85

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