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John Hutchinson (Hutchy)

Having spent the past 20 years walking alongside some of our humanities most vulnerable, 

suffering Homelessness, Addiction, Mental Health, Trauma, Abuse, Isolation and a deep loneliness. I’ve been informed by the way each of us holds a very unique story.


Each courageous story I was blessed to encounter has shown me how to listen, learn, open, understand, grieve, hold and love.


I truly believe the body holds your story. Your reality, souls journey, inner song and healing path is the only one of its kind.


Through Breathwork, healing sounds, medicine songs, silence and sharing in your story. I’ll hold a safe space for you to express and open your heart to the unique wonder that is you.


An invitation to shed layers of conditioning, perception, belief system, stagnant energy and destructive patterning.


An opportunity to rediscover your essence, explore imagination, expand creativity, welcome sadness, forgive yourself & others, stand in truth, heal the heart and feel into the rhythm connecting us all.

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Professional History 

Social Work, Youth Work, Outdoor Education, Trauma Informed Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, Well-being Group Facilitator, Public Speaking, Sound Healing, Multi- Instrumentalist.

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