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Couples Session

Come Breath with me

Couples Breath, Sound & Story sharing Immersion 


Come and join me for an intimate journey with your partner as you explore your own inner dialogue whilst connecting to your shared story. 


As you arrive, we’ll check in on how both of your hearts are feeling before entering into an immersive breathwork practice together. 


Our hope is to find a rhythm that feels comfortable for you both as you connect to the breath of each other, the breath of this land and the precious breath of life connecting us all. 


Allow me to intuitively tend to the space with an emotive myriad of sound, silence and gentle words of encouragement throughout your experience. 


Post our journey, we’ll open up a space to share from our hearts. An invitation for you both to be fully present as you share, listen, witness and validate each other’s unique reality and expression. 


This offering is for any couples wishing to 

re-connect, open channels of communication, deepen understanding, and/or simply strengthen your beautiful bond.


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