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Breathwork, Sound & Story

Come Breath with me

Hey Family


I am now offering 1 on 1 Breath and Soundscape journey’s home to the heart.


My method is to cultivate an environment of peace, comfort and tenderness for you to feel safe in uncovering your story through the subtle energies stored within the body.


I will be your guardian for the session and hold you in the deepest of reverence as your unique body and story intuitively begins healing what is no longer serving you.


I will be guided by your unique experience, intuitively tending to each breath with sacred sound, song, silence and unconditional love.


This intimate experiencing holds the potential for you to uncover your fears, reveal unhealthy pattering, release trauma and open your heart to the journey of the soul.


Post your journey, I will open up a space of softness, for questions, reflection and sharing as you look to integrate any insights or wisdom acquired throughout your session.


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