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A Collective Response to Mental Health in the Work Place

Join me as we dive into our shared collective response to the Mental Health and Wellbeing of those we work with and alongside.


I’ll open the session for some brief questions & sharing within the group to get a sense of each uniquely diverse staff member working within your organisation. 

This can really inform me on some of the specific individual needs, stories and ways of relating within your team’s dynamic.


I’ll then take you through a form of motivational story telling, born from my many years working with those most vulnerable experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental health, abuse, and severe social isolation.


These raw stories have the ability to open our hearts, offer clarity, form deeper understanding, soften our approach to others, become active listeners and be amazed by the transformative power of validation, inclusion and belonging.


I’ll then take your team on a collective healing journey through breath, sound and song, in the hope to leave each of you feeling more rested, restored and connected to one another.


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